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MYOB AccountRight 2013 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

The benefits of AccountRight Live in the cloud

1. Getting Started with MYOB
Case study overview
Creating a company file
Opening an existing data file
Understanding libraries and where your data file is stored
Setting up user access and passwords
Setting up preferences
Navigating the MYOB AccountRight Command Centre
Setting up tax codes
Using the Help Centre

2. Working with the Accounts List
Designing the Accounts Lists
Changing account details
Creating an account
Moving accounts to different levels
Deleting an account
Linking accounts
Entering account opening balances
Viewing and printing a Trial Balance report

3. Adding Cards
Overview of cards
Adding customer cards
Adding supplier cards
Deleting cards

4. Entering Historical Balances
Searching and finding cards
Customer historical balances
Supplier historical balances

5. Initial Bank Reconciliation
An overview of reconciling
Preparing for initial bank reconciliation
Performing the initial bank reconciliation

6. Backing Up and Restoring a Company Data File
The importance of backing up
Backing up a company data file
Restoring a company data file and closing a data file

7. Spending Money from the Cheque Account
Various ways of spending money
Banking preferences
Recording Spend Money transactions
Memorizing frequently used transactions
Recording bank charges
Viewing transactions

8. Invoicing a Service Customer
An overview of invoicing
Sales preferences
Creating service invoices
Creating service quotes and orders
Changing the status of sales
Viewing sales information

9. Recording Customer payments
Ways of recording payments
How much do customers owe?
Recording full customer payments
Recording a partial customer payment
Reviewing customer payments
Customer statements

10. Entering and Paying Bills
Types of purchase transactions
Purchase preferences
Entering purchase orders and converting them to bills
Recording bills to be paid
Viewing supplier balances
Paying bills
Sending remittance advices
Finding purchase transactions

11. Receipting Cash Sales
Recording cash sales
Viewing cash receipts

12. Reconciling the Checking Account and Bank Feeds
Why reconcile?
Preparing a bank deposit
Matching transactions, entering interest, and reconciling the account
Printing the reconciliation report

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