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Multi-Platform Video Producing

What will be covered
Important trends

1. Leveraging Storytelling for Transmedia Delivery
Who is the audience?
Content acquisition
Rights and permissions

2. Technical Decisions to Address before Shooting
Acquisition frame size
Progressive interlaced
Choose frame rate
Delivery frame size
Mastering color space
Audio considerations
Tools for producers

3. Planning for Transmedia Delivery
File storage and DIT
Plan BTS video photo
Social media
User generated content
Second screen content
Transmedia delivery budgeting
Test exported files

4. Obstacles to and Opportunities for a Quality Audience Experience on Multiple Platforms
Quality on different platforms
Viewing environment
Screen size
Streaming compression
Quality audio experience

5. Maximizing Story Impact for Small Screens, Social Media, and Mobile Viewers
Improve story for mobile
Scene design for mobile
Sound design for mobile
Graphics considerations for mobile

6. Maximizing Story Impact for Large Screens
Improve story for large screens
Playback considerations
Sound design: Large screen
Scene design: Large screen
Graphics: Large screen

7. Future-Proofing Your Transmedia Project
Archive source social content
Store mezzanine files
Archive releases

Next steps