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lynda Moving Your Class Online Quickly and Efficiently

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get the most out of suddenly teaching online
Acknowledging gaps in resources and technology

1. Assessing Your Course's Online Readiness:
You can do this!
Evaluate your course's syllabus, milestones and activities
Determine your course's virtual capabilities

2. Moving Online Quickly and with Purpose:
Develop an online learning plan via an LMS
Set expectations for communication
Providing predictability for students
Curate course resources
Set up synchronous learning opportunities
Incorporate asynchronous learning opportunities
A practical application for moving a unit online

3. Maximizing Student Engagement and Communication:
Tools for boosting student engagement
Dynamic communication strategies in online learning
Providing students with feedback
Increase learning with self-assessments
Utilize the power of peer feedback
Address achievement gaps in online learning

4. Useful Online Teaching Resources:
Tools for higher-order thinking
Tools for collaboration, organization, and engagement

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