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Motion Graphics for Video Editors: Creating Animated Logos

Exercise files

1. File Format Essentials
Acquiring logo files
Scanning logo files
Supported logo file formats
Supported 3D file formats
Working with Creative Cloud Market templates

2. Prepping a Vector Logo
Size a vector logo in Adobe Illustrator
Creating a layered file for animation in Adobe Illustrator
Size a vector logo in Photoshop
Save a logo with transparency
Importing a static logo to a nonlinear editor (NLE) with transparency

3. Animating a Vector Logo
Import a logo with layers into After Effects
Animating logo layers in After Effects
Refining the logo animation in After Effects
Alternative logo animation techniques in After Effects, design 1
Alternative logo animation techniques in After Effects, design 2
Creating shape layers in After Effects
Extruding a logo in 3D
Using an environment layer for reflections
Rendering a logo animation
Importing an animated logo to an NLE with transparency: Straight vs. premultiplied alpha channels
Saving the logo with the Essential Graphics panel

4. Design Ideas for Logo Files
Creating cast reflections
Adding a cast shadow
Filling a logo with a pattern
Distressed logos
Adding rays and glows
Creating a glass logo bug

Wrapping up