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Motion Control 3D: Bringing Photos to Life in Three Dimensions with After Effects and Photoshop CC

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating 3D motion with photos
What you should know before watching this course
Exercise files

1. Introducing Motion Control 3D
The technique explained
How to use motion control 3D in your projects

2. Choosing Photos for Motion Control 3D
Image selection guidelines
Resolution guidelines
Working in color or black and white
Advice when scanning

3. Planning the Move
Identifying planes
Creating a staging diagram
Understanding parallax
Choosing a focal length
Timing the move

4. Layering the Image
The Quick Selection tool
Using Quick Mask mode
The Select and Mask command
Making a selection based on subject, focus, or color
Dealing with contact points

5. Cleaning Up the Composite
Filling in the holes: Clone Stamp
Filling in the holes: Healing Brush
Filling in the holes: Content Aware Fill
Filling in the holes: Content Aware Move
Using Perspective Warp
Removing camera shake
Using a floor image

6. Organizing the Composition
Naming and organizing layers
Using Smart Objects to organize

7. Build the Composition
Importing a layered PSD file into After Effects
Adding a 3D camera
Setting the initial depth
Setting the composition size
Using motion blur

8. Animating the Camera
Using multiple views
Understanding keyframes
Modifying camera paths
Adding camera shake
Positioning while moving cameras and layers together

9. Adjusting the Camera
Setting the depth of field
Changing the focal length and zoom
Creating a rack focus

10. Re-lighting the Scene
Setting the ambient light
Adding a parallel light
Adding spot lights
Adding point lights
Using lighting effects

11. Adding Depth with Particles
Using After Effects particles
Using Trapcode Particular

12. Mixing In Footage
Using video files for texture
Using time-lapse layers
Time-remapping strategies

13. Creating 3D Perspective with Vanishing Point
Why use Vanishing Point
Preparing files in Photoshop
Cleaning up the files and transparency
Animating the vanishing point
Creating a 3D pan

14. Viewing in 3D
Adding a Stereo 3D Rig
Changing the 3D method
Choosing a render method

Next steps