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Modernize Node.js Apps with Azure App Service

1. Introducing the App for Transition
The course overview
Traditional web apps
MyToDoListJS app
Benefits of Azure App Service
First step: GitHub

2. Move to Azure
Creating an account
Azure dashboard
Resource groups
Creating a database
Securing the database
Connecting to the database

3. Azure App Service
Getting started with Azure App Service
App Service dashboard
Setting up environmental variables
Express.js and Azure App Service
Preparing the front end
Git remote branches
First deployment with Git

4. Deployments and WebJobs
Recovering from errors
Automatic deployments
Using VSTS
Staging slots
Full development cycle
The staging environment

5. Monitoring Your App
Monitoring for errors
Inspecting your app's metrics
Adding Application Insights to your app
Using Application Insights
Querying Application Insights
Setting up alerts