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Modeling Work Schedules with Calendars in Microsoft Project

Video Introducing this tutorial


The Project scenario
What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. Setting Up Your Organization's Calendar

Review the default calendar in Project
Add non-working time to the standard calendar
Define a multi-day nonworking period
Modify the default work week
Coordinate calendars and calendar options
Set your standard calendar as the default calendar

2. Setting Up a Shift Calendar

Create a new shift calendar
Assign a calendar to resources
Control working time for a task

3. Working with Project, Task, and Resorce Calendars

Define a special work week for a time period
When resource dates differ from task dates
Use elapsed days to schedule work
Create a calendar for a two-week work schedule

4. Working with Multiple Calendars

Make calendars available to all projects
Use a non-standard project calendar
Manage tasks with different work schedules
Working with different calendars in a master Project file
How calendars work together