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Modeling Characters in Cinema 4D

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Setting Up CINEMA 4D for Modeling
Setting up templates in the viewport
Creating the proxy model

2. Modeling the Eye Using NURBS Lofts
Creating the eyeball with a sphere
Creating the first spline for the eye
Projecting the spline onto the eye
Duplicating the spline to create the eye
Refining the eye model

3. Modeling the Ear Using NURBS Sweeps
Creating the sweep for the ear
Completing the polygonal first pass
Filling in the ear
Adding loops
Shaping the ear

4. Modeling the Nose Using NURBS Lofts
Creating the nose splines
Creating the nose loft
Adjusting the nose polygon model

5. Modeling the Mouth Using NURBS Lofts
Creating the mouth

6. Stitching the Elements Together
Stitching the eye to the nose
Stitching the nose to the mouth
Creating the neck
Stitching the ear to the proxy head
Reshaping the face to fit the head
Attaching the face to the head model

7. Creating the Torso
Extending the neck into a torso shape
Refining the torso

8. Creating the Arms and Hands
Extruding the arm
Extruding the palm
Extruding the fingers
Cloning the fingers to attach them to the palm

9. Creating the Legs and Feet
Extruding the upper legs
Shaping the lower legs
Creating the foot

10. Completing the Character
Cleaning up the character
Setting up the UVs for the model
Setting up the UVs for the head
Mirroring the polygons and UVs to build the other side

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