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Modeling a Female Android in ZBrush

Using the exercise files
What you should know before watching this course

1. Preparing the Model
Optimizing the Wacom tablet settings
Gathering reference images
Understanding the difference between projects and tools
Opening and saving tools
Getting a base model to start with
Posing the base
Challenge: Pose the arms
Solution: Pose the arms
Cleaning up the pose
Optimizing topology with ZRemesher

2. Concept Sculpting
Refining the base anatomy
Concepting the android with layers
Sketching mechanical shapes
Stylizing based on real anatomy
Making the chest
Designing a waist
Using layers to mix and match the design
Erasing part of a layer with Morph Targets
Challenge: Finish the design
Solution: Finish the design

3. Splitting the Android into Parts
Splitting the android into parts
Slicing the model into pieces
Using the SliceCurve tool
Splitting slices into subtools
Splitting overlapping panels
Fitting panels inside of each other
Challenge: Slice the rest of the model
Solution: Slice the rest of the model

4. Working on the Inner Mechanics
Starting with primitives
Making knee joints
Connecting the knee joints with the android
Making parts with insert mesh brushes
Making wires and cables
Making hip joints with the Clip Brush
Forming the pelvis with the Curve Bridge
Creating the visor
Challenge: Make the rest of the inner mechanics
Solution: Make the rest of the inner mechanics

5. Detailing the Body Panels
Making some parts solid
Cutting back vents with SliceCurve
Making vent holes from polygroups
Restoring symmetry with Mirror
Making side vents with masking
Cutting ailerons with Trim and Clip
Using replacement parts
Cutting holes with replacement parts
Adding thickness to panels with Extract
Adding thickness with Panel Loops
Challenge: Finish panel detail
Solution: Finish panel detail

6. Making the Hands and Feet
Making a finger segment with ShadowBox
Duplicating and appending fingers
Arranging fingers to form a hand
Making a foot with DynaMesh
Cutting a toe piece with Boolean intersection
Cutting the foot piece with Boolean subtraction

7. Crafting the Wheels
Making a tire with radial symmetry
Modeling the wheel hub
Fitting the wheel to the foot

8. Adding the Finishing Touches
Adding fine seams
Reducing polygons with Decimation Master
Mirroring the limbs
Preparing for rigging and posing
Posing with Transpose Master
Applying materials
Creating a rendered turntable video

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