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Mobile Testing with Appium

What can you do with Appium?
What you should already know

1. Appium
The relationship between Appium and Selenium
The Appium server and clients
The Appium drivers

2. Appium Setup
System setup for iOS
System setup for Android
Installing Appium

3. Appium Sessions
Session capabilities
Starting and stopping a session

4. Finding and Using Elements
Locator strategies and finding elements: Theory
Locator strategies and finding elements: Practice
Waiting for elements: Theory
Waiting for elements: Practice
Basic element interaction
Element discovery: Getting app source
Element discovery: Appium inspector
Challenge: Find a new element
Solution: Find a new element

5. Intermediate Appium Scripting
XPath: Its uses and caveats
Touch actions: Theory
Touch actions: Practice
Mobile web testing: Theory
Mobile web testing: Practice
Challenge: Automate a web form
Solution: Automate a web form

Next steps and more resources