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Mobile Photography: Image Management

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why backup is important for mobile devices
The story of Kelly and her broken iPhone
Weighing the different backup approaches

1. Device Storage
Thinking about internal storage when purchasing a mobile device
Determining the role of your mobile camera for your overall photography
Capturing pictures only vs. pictures and movies
Gauging the impact of other content on your device, such as music
Weighing the possible advantages of removable flash storage

2. Cloud Storage
Measuring the advantages of using cloud storage
Evaluating the risks of cloud storage
Looking at iCloud for photo backup
Augmenting your photo storage with Dropbox and Carousel
Using Lightroom mobile on the iPad
Noting other viable options for cloud storage

3. Personal Cloud Storage
Choosing a personal cloud option
Taking a look at Pogoplug
Testing the Transporter by Connected Data

4. Getting the Most Out of Photo Services
Determining if photo services are viable storage options
Looking at Flickr's one-terabyte option
Evaluating Shutterfly's services and storage

5. Manual Backup
Defining the role of manual backup
Uploading pictures directly to Lightroom
Importing pictures into iPhoto via USB
Connecting directly to Aperture

6. Building Your Workflow
Defining your workflow
Creating a complete backup with iCloud and iPhoto
Automating your backups with Dropbox
Using Google+ to manage your photos
Separating your movies and photos

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