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Mobile Marketing: Creating a Strategy

What you should know
Exercise files

1. How the New Customer Journey Is Driving Mobile
Shifts in technology and consumer behavior
Responsiveness in marketing
Content and the mobile customer journey

2. The Mobile Marketing Landscape
Tools to gather market data
How mobile is innovative and disruptive
How smartphones and apps impact our lives

3. Establish a Mobile Strategy Framework
Key parts of a mobile strategy framework
Conceptual tools to formulate a strategy
Mobile use cases in the customer journey

4. Assess the Competitive Landscape
Determine your brand's mobile readiness
Framework to assess your brand
Benchmarking tools you can use

5. Insights about Your Own Organization
Understand your own organization
Turn data into insights

6. Insights about Your Audience
Identify your target audience
Develop audience segments
Personas and customer journey maps

7. Bring It All Together
Prioritize tactics against your strategy
Identify potential roadblocks
Share your mobile strategy with company leaders

8. Incorporate External Partners and Resources
Partnerships and selection criteria
Working with external partners

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