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Mixing Techniques for Pop Music Part 2

What you should know before watching

1. Effects and Ambience
Choosing the right reverb
Applying reverbs to different instruments
Adding digital delay to your mix
Delay vs. echo vs. reverb: Aren't they the same?
How to tune your mix
The magic dust of pitch shifting
Phase shifting and flanging
The most overused device in pop music today
Using panning as an effect
Working miracles with special enhancement processors

2. Auxiliary and Master Bussing
Creating Individual group auxiliaries for overall processing
Increasing drum power and presence with drum replacement
How to make sure your drums are phase coherent
Achieving clarity in the bass
Making a place for the electric guitars
Driving home the groove with the acoustic guitars
How to achieve a perfect balance within the keyboards bus
Adding punch and clarity to the stereo mix (master bus)
How to add sheer volume to your mix

3. Variables: Finding Your Own Way
Separating the elements of your drum kit
Mixing with speakers vs. headphones
Adding true dimension to your mix: The details
Affecting the effects
Making the chorus "pop"
How to bring out the emotion of the song in your mix
Knowing when your mix is done

Next steps