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Mindfulness Practices

Becoming mindful at work
Why mindfulness?
The basics of good practice

1. Lead Yourself
Calm the mind and release stress
Practice: Calm the mind
Improve focus
Practice: Improve focus
Grow self-awareness
Practice: Grow self-awareness
Find meaning at work
Practice: Find meaning at work
Manage your inner critic
Practice: Manage your inner critic
Grow self-confidence
Practice: Grow self-confidence
Cultivate joy
Practice: Cultivate joy
Practice: Morning mindfulness
Practice: Evening mindfulness

2. Lead Others
Lead with trust and influence
Practice: Leading with trust and influence
Work with difficult people
Practice: Working with difficult people
Prepare for a difficult conversation
Practice: Prepare for a difficult conversations
Develop an inclusive and agile mindset
Practice: Develop an inclusive mindset
Grow humility
Practice: Grow humility

3. Lead in Challenging Times
Accept difficult situations
Practice: Accept difficult situations
Be resilient in failure
Practice: Be resilient in failure
Face fear and grow courage
Practice: Face fear
Manage your emotional triggers
Practice: Managing emotional triggers
Remain grounded in change and ambiguity
Practice: Stay grounded in change
Mindful practice in teams

Stay with your practice