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Mindful Meditations for Work and Life

Some simple meditations can make each day better

1. Laying the Groundwork for Success with Meditation
What’s your intention with meditation?
Basic body science
Posture for success
Where and when should I meditate
Am I doing it right?
How long should I do this?
Introducing the practices

2. Three Breaths
Preparation for three breaths
Three breaths practice

3. Arrival
Preparation for arrival
Arrival practice

4. Counting Breaths
Preparation for counting breaths
Counting breaths: 1 to 10 technique

5. Deep Breathing
Preparation for deep breathing
Deep breathing: 4-7-8 technique

6. Visualization
Preparation for visualization
Visualization practice

7. Body Scan
Preparation for body scan
Body scan practice

8. Loving-Kindness
Preparation for loving-kindness
Loving-kindness: Full practice

9. Sound-Based Exercise: Singing Hu
Preparation for singing Hu
Hu mantra practice

10. Making It Stick
Keep your practice going
Integrated practices
Thank you