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Migrating from Office 2010 to Google Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Considerations before Migrating
What is Google Drive?
What is Google Apps?
Explaining the benefits of migrating
Understanding who owns your data once it is on Google Drive
Learning what security Google Drive offers
Identifying how much storage space you will need
Backing up your data before migrating
Examining the difference in file types

2. Starting the Migration
Signing up and accessing Google Drive
Navigating the Google Drive interface
Uploading a file via the web interface
Installing the Google Drive desktop app
Converting your files to Google Doc format

3. Working in Google Drive
Using the preview lightbox to find your files
Downloading your files
Using Google Drive and Microsoft Office together to store files
Sharing files with others
Searching your files

4. Working with Google Docs
Replacing the Microsoft Ribbon with the Google Docs toolbar
Using common keyboard shortcuts
Suggesting edits instead of tracking changes
Using Google Docs to replace Word
Using Google Sheets to replace Excel
Using Google Slides to replace PowerPoint
Learning more about the Google Apps suite

5. Converting Contacts, Calendar, and Email from Outlook
Introduction to switching from Outlook to Gmail and Google Calendar
Downloading and installing the Google Apps Migration tool
Running the Google Apps Migration tool
Migrating email if you are a free Gmail user

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