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Migrating from Office 2003 to Office 2016

What you need for this course
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started
Understand the reasons to switch
Explore changes to the UI
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Understand cloud computing
Work in Compatibility mode
Share and collaborate on files
Explore touch commands
Format with the Mini toolbar

2. Migrate to Word 2016
Search with the Navigation pane
Explore document templates
Open and edit PDF files
Work with images in a document

3. Migrate to Excel 2016
Use formulas and functions
Work with Excel tables
Format a workbook
Use conditional formatting
Create macro-enabled workbooks
Create charts with Recommended Charts

4. Migrate to PowerPoint 2016
Explore presentation themes
Get helpful design ideas with images
Work in Presenter view
Animate with transitions and animations

5. Migrate to Outlook 2016
Import backed-up content
Preview messages before you open them
Customize your views
Use sneak peeks
Never forget to attach a file

Next steps