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Migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 Business or Enterprise


Use the exercise files

1. Introducing Office 365

Understand the types of Office 365 accounts
Sign in and compare Office 365 to the Google Apps suite
Introduction to Office 365 tools and applications
Introduction to Office 365 Groups
Introduction to SharePoint
Manage collaborative conversations with Teams

2. Working in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Save Google Apps documents as Office files
Open downloaded files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Tour the interface in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Work with formatting tools
Create and save documents
Use the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

3. File Storage, Sharing, Editing, and Co-Authoring

Choose a location to store files
Store files with OneDrive for Business
Store files with SharePoint and Office 365 Groups
Open and edit documents stored on OneDrive or SharePoint
Share files from OneDrive or SharePoint
Co-author documents from OneDrive or SharePoint
Share, edit, and co-author documents in Teams

4. Mail and Messaging

Use Outlook with an Office email account (web and desktop versions)
Import calendar appointments and Google contacts into Outlook
Special options in Outlook for email sent to Office 365 teammates
Organize messages using folders and categories
Use shared calendars in Outlook
Use messaging in Skype for Business
Share files and co-author in Skype for Business


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