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Migrating from AutoCAD to Fusion 360

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Similarities and differences between AutoCAD and Fusion 360
Collaborating in Fusion Team and A360
Fusion 360 file types
The user interface
Navigating in a model

2. Constraints and 3D Part Modeling
Sketch mode/environment
Sketch constraints: Horizontal, vertical, and collinear
Sketch constraints: Coincident, concentric, and midpoint
Sketch constraints: Parallel, perpendicular, and tangent
Sketch constraints: Equal, symmetry, fix, and curvature
Sketch profiles and fully constrained
Design intent
Create tools: Sketch-based extrude and revolve
Create tools: Sketch-based loft and sweep
Create tools: Sketch rib and web
Modify tools: Press pull
Modify tools: Chamfer and fillet
Modify tools: Draft and shell
Modify tools: Combine
Modify tools: Replace face, split face, and split body

3. Assemble Parts and Components in Fusion 360
Creating components
Inserting a component into an assembly
The joint origin
Joint motion types: Rigid, cylindrical, and joint
Joint motion types: Pin-slot, slider, and ball
Joint motion types: Planar

4. Creating 2D Drawings in Fusion 360
Before creating a new drawing
Drawing views
Geometry annotations
Dimensions and text
Exploded assembly drawing
Applying appearance
Scene settings

5. Working with AutoCAD Files
Importing with 2D AutoCAD file
Importing an AutoCAD 3D file
Applying joints to components
Completing the assembly
Exporting a drawing to DWG
Importing and exporting DXF

Next steps

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