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Microsoft Project Quick Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

Saving time in Project

1. Project Quick Tips
Copy data into adjacent rows
Quickly insert multiple tasks
Enter values quickly with a lookup table
Wrap text in table cells
Align cell data
Copy cell formatting
Change currency formatting
Adjust column and row size in Project
Align task bars within rows
Change magnification in the timescale
Display only incomplete tasks
Expand and collapse the task list
Insert and hide columns in a table
View the selected task in the timescale
View two parts of a project
Set the default view
Insert hyperlinks
Move to the beginning or end of the timescale
Toggle between panes in a window
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Indent and outdent tasks quickly
Switch tasks between manual and auto scheduling
Create an image of a schedule
Share customization with colleagues
Change sort order
Remove all filters when AutoFilter is active
Filter by date range
Create a template from a project
Use a template to create a project
Set file save options
Protect a file with a password