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Microsoft Project 2010 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Choosing the right Project edition
Using the exercise files

1. Working with Project
Using the ribbon
Navigating the Backstage view
Finding commands

2. Setting Up Project Files
Creating and saving projects
Creating a project from a template
Creating a project from an Excel workbook
Setting up calendars
Defining working and nonworking time
Setting basic options

3. Creating Tasks
Understanding manual and auto scheduling
Creating a manual task
Creating an autoscheduled task
Switching between manual and automatic scheduling
Creating a milestone task
Creating a recurring task
Copying tasks from another program
Creating a summary task
Displaying summary tasks
Organizing tasks in a task list
Working with work breakdown structure (WBS) codes

4. Linking and Timing tasks
Linking tasks
Adding lag or lead time
Setting task date constraints
Viewing tasks and task links

5. Creating Resources
Understanding resources
Creating a work resource
Creating a material resource
Setting up costs for work and material resources
Creating a cost resource

6. Assigning Tasks to Resources
Understanding duration, work, and units
Assigning resources to tasks
Using Team Planner to assign resources
Finding overallocations
Assigning resources with effort-driven and non-effort-driven scheduling
Modifying resource assignments
Replacing resources on a task

7. Working with Views
Choosing a view
Working with a table
Inserting and rearranging table columns
Changing the settings for columns in a table
Displaying two views at the same time
Using the Timeline view
Sorting tasks and resources
Grouping tasks and resources
Filtering tasks and resources
Modifying task bar styles and task bar text
Modifying task bar layout
Modifying text formatting

8. Fine-Tuning the Project Schedule
Reviewing the critical path
Using the Task Inspector to review scheduling issues
Splitting a task
Delaying a task or assignment
Adjusting a work contour
Leveling resources
Inactivating a task

9. Tracking and Managing a Project
Understanding baseline, scheduled, and actual values
Saving and clearing a baseline
Adding tasks to a baseline
Updating the schedule
Assigning overtime
Updating costs
Rescheduling unfinished work

10. Viewing and Reporting Project Information
Viewing project schedule status
Looking for schedule progress problems
Looking for cost problems
Working with text-based reports
Using earned value
Printing views and reports

11. Sharing Projects
Saving to other formats
Working with the Global Template
Importing and exporting
Sharing project information in other ways