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Microsoft PowerApps Essential Training: Beyond the Basics

Easily create mobile apps with PowerApps

1. Getting Started with PowerApps
What can you do with PowerApps?
Date connections for PowerApps

2. Create an App from a SharePoint List
Making a data connection
Create an app
Change the browse screen
Change a function formula
Reorder a list
Unlock the fields to change the display
Change the display mode
Change how the list is sorted
Change the search field
Delete an action
Save and publish the app

3. Create the Reviewer App from Excel in OneDrive
Format the data in Excel as a table
Make a data connection to OneDrive
Create and preview the app
Change the detail screen layout
Change text to a multiline text field
Add another data source
Add a drop-down selection menu
Connect a dropdown menu to data
Arrange data cards
Create a new version of the app

4. Create an App from a Template
The templates
Create the budget tracker app
Preview the app
Replace sample app data
Refresh the data connection
Save the app and share it
View the stored receipt files

5. Create an App for Microsoft Dynamics
Make the Dynamics connection
Create the app
Add data to Dynamics 365 with the app

6. Create an App for Salesforce
Make the Salesforce connection
Create the app
Add an additional list screen
Add an additional blank screen
Add a label
Add a button and an action
Add an icon
Add a tool tip
Write data to Salesforce with the app

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