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Microsoft Office Add-Ins for Developers

Microsoft Office add-ins
What are Office add-ins?
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1. Getting Started
Office extensions
How Office extensions work
The Office.js libraries
Introduction to ScriptLab
Limitations and documentation

2. Building Add-Ins with Visual Studio
Create an add-in with Visual Studio
Add-in manifests
Add-in web projects
Deploying and debugging
Add-in commands
Create a new control
Convert from JavaScript to TypeScript

3. Using Other Libraries and Tooling with Add-Ins
Open web development toolchain
Create an add-in with Yeoman
Sideload your add-in on the web
The Angular framework
An example in Angular
The React framework
An example in React
Office UI Fabric
Design guidelines
Design toolkit
Consuming external services

4. Add-Ins for Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote
The Word API
An example glossary add-in for Word
Create the glossary add-in
Explore glossary add-in code
Tour the glossary add-in

5. Add-Ins for Excel
The Excel API
A built-in sample in Excel
Excel custom functions

6. Add-Ins for Outlook
Introduction to Outlook add-ins
Sample Outlook add-in
Outlook contextual add-ins
Working with Microsoft Graph
Actionable messages

7. Distributing Your Add-In
Add-in distribution options
Sideloading and trusted locations
Publishing to the App Catalog
Publishing to the Store
Centralized deployment
Updating your add-in

Staying up to date