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lynda Microsoft Forms Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn to capture feedback from users with Microsoft Forms
What you should know

1. Creating a Survey:
Create a survey
Add a multiple-choice question
Add a text question
Add a rating question
Add a date picker
Add a ranking question
Add a Likert scale question
Add a file upload link
Add a Net Promoter Score question

2. Creating a Quiz:
Create a quiz
Create a quiz question
Use math equations in a quiz question
Change how quiz results are displayed

3. Managing Surveys and Quizzes:
Copy, edit, or delete a question
Require an answer to a question
Change the order of form questions
Create branches within a form
Control how individuals can interact with a form
Share a form with other users
Close a form to further responses
Change a form’s theme
Preview appearance of a form on different platforms

4. Analyzing Survey and Quiz Results:
View survey results
View quiz results
Customize quiz grading
Post quiz results
Analyze results in Excel

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