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Microsoft Flow Essential Training

Connecting applications with Microsoft Flow
What can you do with Microsoft Flow?

1. Understanding How Flows Work
Exploring connectors
Types of flows

2. Creating Flows from Blank
Add a trigger
Add an action
Run the flow

3. Creating Flows from a Template
Create a OneNote page for an upcoming event
View the flow results
Build a flow to save email attachments to OneDrive for Business
Save email attachments to OneDrive for Business
Create a flow to capture tweets in a SharePoint list
Capture tweets with Microsoft Flow
Create a flow to add form responses to a SharePoint list
Troubleshoot and test a flow

4. Create Mobile Flows
Create a flow to track your working hours
Get the Microsoft Flow mobile app
Use a Microsoft Flow mobile app button
Create a flow to post an update to Yammer
Use a flow to post to Yammer
Get a push notification when you get an email
Receive a push notification from flow

5. Create an Approval Flow from Blank
Add the flow trigger
Add a get metadata action
Add an approval action
Add a condition
Add an approval status action
Add a send an email action
Use an approval flow

6. Manage Flows
Flow options
Flow run history and analytics
Team flows and sharing flows

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