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lynda Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Discover Dynamics 365 sales
Understanding Dynamics 365 customization

1. Dynamics 365 Sales: The Basics :
What is Dynamics 365 Sales?
A quick note on navigating in Dynamics 365
Access and sorting records and views
Use quick create to create a new record
Work with search in Dynamics 365
Build queries with advanced find
End-user personalization options

2. Sales Efficiency with Dynamics 365 :
Utilize the Dynamics 365 Assistant
What do we do with leads?
Starting a sale: Create a lead
Explore contact methods
Use the timeline to add activities and notes to a lead
Qualify a lead
Use document storage and SharePoint integrations

3. Opportunity Management :
What is an opportunity?
Various ways to create an opportunity
Save time with business process flows
Add opportunity products and suggestions
Export Dynamics 365 data to PDF and email

4. Work with Quotes :
What is a quote?
Activate a quote
Revise a quote and versioning
Close a quote

5. Work in the Field with the Mobile Application :
Access the mobile application
Navigate the mobile app
View, edit, and create records in the mobile app
Business card scanner

6. Reporting and Analytics in Dynamics 365 :
Use charts and dashboards
Access Excel Templates
Review forecasts

Conclusion :
Learn more about D365 and sales