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Microsoft Cognitive Services for Developers: 4 Search

The power of internet search in your application
What you should know

1. Bing Web Search
What is Bing Web Search?
Install Postman
Set up search in the Azure portal
Execute a simple search query
Analyze the results
Reference and other possibilities

2. Bing Image Search
What is Bing Image Search?
Execute an image search
Bing Image Search reference

3. Bing Video Search
What is Bing Video Search?
Execute a video search and analyze the results
Bing Video Search reference

4. Bing Autosuggest
What is Bing Autosuggest?
Execute an autosuggest query and analyze the results
Bing Autosuggest API reference

5. Custom Search
What is Bing Custom Search?
Configure custom search
Demonstrate custom search in action
Custom search reference

Conclusion and next steps