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lynda Microsoft Azure Synapse for Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Create your data warehouse
What you should know

1. Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse:
Cloud data warehouses
Azure SQL Data Warehouse overview
Provision Azure SQL Data Warehouse instances
Challenge: Provision SQL Data Warehouse
Solution: Provision SQL Data Warehouse

2. Populating Azure SQL Data Warehouse:
Data loading in Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Loading methods in data warehousing
Load data with PolyBase
Load data using the COPY command
Load data with Azure Data Factory
Load data using an SSIS package
Challenge: Evaluate data load methods
Solution: Evaluate data load methods

3. Consuming the Data Warehouse:
Querying, labeling, and tracking data warehouse performance
Query concurrency and concurrency slots
Monitoring concurrency for queries in real time
Transactions in Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Scaling and performance
Challenge: Track and monitor queries
Solution: Track and scale to match workload

4. Best Practices:
Transactions and transaction sizes
Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance operations
Azure SQL Data Warehouse distribution methods and keys
Minimizing Azure SQL Data Warehouse costs
Challenge: Determine the correct distribution method
Solution: Determine the correct distribution method

Next steps with data warehouses