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lynda Microsoft 365: Manage Governance and Compliance

Video Introducing this tutorial

About Microsoft 365 governance and compliance
What you should know

1. Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP):
Planning for data loss prevention
Design DLP policies
Create DLP policies
Manage DLP exceptions
Monitoring DLP policy matches
Manage DLP policy matches

2. Implementing Azure Information Protection (AIP):
Plan an AIP solution
Planning for on-premises RMS connector
Plan for Windows Information Protection
Plan for classification labeling
Configure Information Rights Management (IRM) for workloads
Configure AIP super user
Planning for an AIP client deployment
Deploy AIP client
Implement AIP policies
Configure and enforce AIP policies

3. Managing Data Governance:
Planning for information retention
Configure information retention
Planning for Microsoft 365 backup
Plan for restoring deleted content
Perform a restore of delete content

4. Manage Auditing:
Understanding auditing in Microsoft 365
Understanding audit log retention
Configure audit policies
Using the unified audit logs
Monitoring the unified audit logs

5. Manage eDiscovery:
Planning for eDiscovery
Search for content
Plan for in-place and legal holds
Perform a legal hold
Configuring eDiscovery
Configure and use eDiscovery

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