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Meteor Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Setting Up
Tool set and overview of the project
Installing Meteor
Setting up ESLint and ES6 support
Front-end options with Meteor
Using Atmosphere or npm
Meteor Cordova for mobile

2. Meteor Database
Introduction to the Meteor database
Introduction to collections
Introduction to schemas
Setting up a simple pub/sub
Going further with pub/sub

3. Meteor Users and Views
Introduction to Blaze
Complete the views with Blaze
Update styles with Materialize
Add forms with AutoForm
Advanced forms: Add tenant to room
Log in with user and accounts package
Routing in Meteor
CSS in Meteor

4. Meteor Testing
Introduction to testing in Meteor
Unit testing for the data

5. Meteor Security
Introduction to server methods
Allow and deny implementation
Securing external keys

Next steps

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