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Mergers & Acquisitions

Unlocking growth through M&A

1. Identify M&A Targets
Assess if M&A is right for you
Identify targets
Assess a target's strategic fit
Make an investment case

2. Approach the Target
Approach the target directly
Approach the target indirectly

3. Assess the Deal
Identify sources of value
Consider market and competitive dynamics
Evaluate your organization's readiness

4. Negotiate the Deal
Model the valuation
Define the deal structure
Negotiate the price
Use holdbacks and earnouts
Define other deal terms

5. Conduct Due Diligence
Assemble the diligence team
Conduct due diligence analysis
Work with outside advisors
Renegotiate based on diligence

6. Consummate the Transaction
Finance the deal
Sign purchase agreements
Communicate the deal

7. Integrate the Acquisition
Plan the first 100 days
Build the integration team
Conduct integration activities

Avoid acquisition pitfalls