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Maya and After Effects: Product Visualization

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. Scene Layout
Setting preferences and interface options
Importing a CAD model
Cleaning up the model
Renaming objects
Building a hierarchy
Managing display layers
Modeling a background cyclorama profile curve
Extruding a cyclorama surface
Creating a camera
Setting aspect ratio and framing the shot

2. Materials
Image-based lighting with a Skydome map
Arnold settings for real-time rendering
Rendering on the GPU
Applying Arnold Standard Surface materials
Adjusting material parameters
Designing metallic materials
Assigning materials to shape nodes in a hierarchy
Art directing advanced material parameters
Projecting UV coordinates
Mapping with a file texture
Layering materials with aiLayerShader
Assigning materials to faces

3. Lighting
Flood lighting with Arnold area lights
Directing flood lighting
Studio lighting with a spot light
Attenuation over distance with the Decay filter
Accentuating object edges with rim lights
Excluding lights and shadows
Controlling visibility of light shading components
Setting up file output options for AOVs
Creating AOVs for render component passes
Creating light groups
Rendering components of light groups

4. Rendering and Compositing
Optimizing Arnold render settings for production
Choosing After Effects color management settings
Layering render components
Adjusting lighting in post-production

5. Special Effects and Animation
Creating an orthographic camera
Framing an isometric view
Rendering a technical illustration
Adjusting contours
Adding glow effects

Next steps