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Maxwell Render Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


How to use the exercise files
What you should know

1. Maxwell Render Introduction

Workflow considerations
Important file types
Fundamentals to keep in mind

2. Maxwell Studio User Interface

Customizing the interface layout
Saving and loading created layouts
An overview of the Maxwell Studios interface
Using the library
How to center objects in the viewport
Navigating the viewport
Using the viewport menus
Understanding the Attributes panel
Taking a look at the top toolbar
Using the Fast Interactive Renderer
Using the Materials panel
Using the Material Editor panel
Adding components in the Material Editor panel
Using the Resources Browser, History panel, and Console panel

3. Working with Objects

Transforming objects in the viewport
Creating clones and instances of objects
Adjusting the appearance of objects
Using UV sets in Maxwell Studio
Understanding Triangle Groups in Maxwell
Using Maxwell modifiers and extensions

4. Material Assistant

Creating architectural glass
Creating opaque materials
Creating high-quality glass
Creating metals
Creating translucent materials
How to apply materials to objects

5. Maxwell Lighting

Lighting with Maxwell Studio
Using area emitters
Using Spot and IES lights
Lighting the environment with a Sky Dome and Sun
Lighting the environment with the Physical Sky
Lighting the environment with HDR

6. Maxwell Cameras

Creating and transforming cameras
Understanding camera sensor and optics parameters
Creating depth of field with the camera

7. Maxwell Render

Understanding Maxwell Render options
Utilizing Maxwell Render extra options
Looking at the Maxwell Render standalone interface
Using Maxwell Render Multilight


Transferring your scenes with Pack and Go
Next steps