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Mathematica 11 Machine Learning

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Exercise files

1. Introducing Machine Learning

Overview of machine learning tasks
Separate training data from test data
Import data from a file

2. Preparing Data for Machine Learning

Standardize (normalize) or rescale data
Replace values near zero with zero
Interpolate data to enter missing values
Count values by adherence or non-adherence to a rule
Group elements using a rule
Sort elements using a rule

3. Determining Functions that Generate Data

Find a fit using a linear model
Find a time series that fits given data
Find a formula that represents a data set
Find a function that generates a given sequence of values

4. Performing Supervised Learning Tasks

Calculate the logistic sigmoid function for a data set
Classify items using training data
Predict values using training data
Measure classifier function performance
Measure predictor function performance
Identify data clusters


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