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lynda Mastering Authentic Influence for Highly Successful Sales

Video Introducing this tutorial

Note: This course was created by genConnectU. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
The Business Case for Authentic Influence :
The skills you can learn in this course
Why mastering the skills of authentic influence is imperative to long-term success
1. Focus on the Client's Needs :
Why do people buy?
Start with trust: A formula
The competitive edge: Needs versus solutions
Truly understanding client needs
2. Trusted Sales Approaches :
Building to a positive outcome
A sales approach that sets you apart
What are clients looking for?
3. The Intentional Opening: Frontload Your Engagements with Trust :
Three roles in a meeting
Why opening a meeting matters
Successfully opening a meeting
Controlling the meeting as a trusted advisor
The intentional meeting framework
The five-step process to opening a meeting
4. Effective Introductions :
How to introduce yourself: Give them the cupcake
Eloquent introduction strategies
Recap and value of the eloquent introduction
5. The Sale Is in the Client Story :
Get them talking
Why clients don’t trust questions
The importance of how to ask a question
6. How to Ask Questions :
Preparing your questions
Questions that elevate trust
Transition from small talk to purpose
Refashioning your questions
The double-click question
Questions that regain control
The python question
7. Listen with Insight :
Insightful listening
Listening filters to avoid
But I thought I was listening
The split page listening method
The magic of “exactly!”
The three Qs of insightful listening
The magic of the playback
Playback through the three Qs
Helpful phrases to demonstrate insightful listening