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Marketing Your Side Hustle

Video Introducing this tutorial

You made it, now get it out there!
What you should know before starting

1. Before Opening the Gates
Understand the stakes
Make sure your offer is compelling
The two problems: Conversion and traffic
Marketing is about persuasion

2. Storytelling for Fun and Profit
Write your origins story
Create a strong About page
Copywriting for results

3. Get the Word Out
Market to your grandma
Forums and communities
Social media marketing
Press and media

4. Deals, Discounts, and Promotions
Let's make a deal
Eight types of promotions
Encouraging referrals and using incentives
Five ways to create urgency

5. Advertising
Could you get it for free?
Online ads: Facebook and Google
Other options
Tracking your ad spend

Remix your offer
Sell like a Girl Scout
Next steps