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Marketing to Generation Z

Marketing to a new generation

1. Who Is Gen Z?
What makes up a generation?
Gen Z's events and conditions

2. Physical Meets Digital: Phigital
Digital pioneers vs. digital natives
It's not just how you say it—it's how you see it
In store and online for Gen Z

3. Hyper Custom
Stand out, don't fit in: Why Gen Z creates its own brand
Experiences vs. items: How Gen Z consumes
What to post and where: Gen Z and social media

4. Realistic
Micro-influencers: Gen Zers needs to see themselves
Price matters to Gen Z

5. Weconomist
The sharing economy: Gen Z's definition
Meaning isn't enough: Gen Z cares about cause and quality

6. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Buy one, get one (BOGO): Classic marketing that still works with Gen Z
Eight seconds: Gen Z's attention span

7. Do It Yourself (DIY)
Selling to Gen Z's side hustle
Let Gen Z participate

8. Driven
#humblebrag: Gen Z likes winners
Minimum viable product (MVP): Gen Z wants to be first to market