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Marketing Foundations: International Marketing

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course

1. The Importance of International Marketing
The growing global economy
The impact of protectionism on international marketing
The rise of the global consumer
The shifting global marketplace

2. Strategic Considerations for Your Company
The importance of your company's culture and values
Thinking of foreign markets like portfolio options
Learning about customers in foreign markets
Options for global expansion

3. Assessing Markets Outside Your Home Country
The PESTCL framework: P is for "political"
E is for "economic"
S is for "social"
T is for "technological"
C is for "competitive"
L is for "legal'

4. Market-Development and Product-Development Decisions
Product adaptation and development
Market development

5. Options for Global Expansion
Balancing risk and expense vs. control and reward
Licensing or franchising
Joint ventures
Direct investment
Timing considerations . . . do you need to be first?

6. Resources to Help Gather Information and Make Decisions
US Government departments and divisions
World Bank and websites
Industry trade groups
Rating systems to help with decision making

7. Marketing-Mix Considerations
The 4Ps of marketing
Product modifications . . . don't forget the packaging
Pricing considerations . . . the impact of currency fluctuations
Distribution issues
Promotional methods
Translation and back translation

Wrapping up