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lynda Marketing: Conversion Rate Optimization

Video Introducing this tutorial

Defining what CRO really means

1. Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):
Introducing a framework for CRO
How CRO fits into your business
CRO 101: Landing pages

2. Setting CRO Goals:
Finding the right KPIs
Quantifying the impact of testing
Case study: Identify where to focus

3. Conducting CRO Research:
Performing quantitative research
Performing qualitative research
Case study: Research-driven experiments

4. Prioritizing Testing Opportunities:
Running a prioritization framework
Evaluating impact and ease of tests
Creating a test hypothesis

5. Setting Up Your Tests:
Using testing tools
Selecting your type of experiment
Product page case study

6. Analyzing and Optimizing Experiments:
Understand your analytics
Gaining insights from experiments
Free trial case study

7. Culture of Testing:
Building a culture of testing