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Marketing Communications

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1. Conducting Research to Understand the Marketing Landscape

Start with a brand positioning
Research to uncover market intelligence
Identify your buyer personas
Audit your communication channels
Create your competitive edge
Evaluate inputs before building a program

2. Creating a Marketing Plan

Set goals: be smart pre-launch
Tips to develop messages that resonate
How to reach your audience
Use an integrated marketing approach
Five components to your measurement plan

3. Including a Mix of Media to Excite Your Customers

How to get your customers to tune in
Use PR in your marketing program
Build your email marketing strategy
Social media campaigns to drive engagement
Tips to enhance your SEO program

4. Launching Your Marketing Campaign and Achieving Success

Consider a phased marketing approach
Monitoring your marketing programs
Deliver campaign metrics/report ROI
How to motivate your employee champions
Get your brand ambassadors on board


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