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Mail Merge in Depth with Word for Mac 2016

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you need for this course
Use the exercise files

1. Create Personalized Letters

Create a simple letter for mail merge
Select recipients
Select recipients from Outlook contacts
Select recipients from Apple Contacts
Select recipients from FileMaker Pro data
Create a new data source for mail merge
Select recipients from an Excel data source
Filter recipients
Insert merge fields
Complete the merge
Troubleshoot mail merged letters

2. Use Email Merge

What email merge can do for you
Check Apple mail settings for email merge
Create personalized email messages
Attaching a Word document to an email message

3. Create Envelopes, Labels, and Directories

Merge envelopes
Merge address and other labels
Add an image to each label
Create a page of identical labels
Create a directory

4. Use Rules and Other Advanced Features

Prompt for global input with FILLIN
Prompt for individual input with FILLIN
Prompt for repeating input with ASK
Use If...Then...Else... for intelligent merging


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