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macOS Sierra for IT Administrators

Understanding this course

1. Backup and Restore
Back up with Time Machine
Back up with Backblaze
Time Machine file restore
Backblaze file restore

2. iCloud Administration
iCloud Drive desktop and documents
iCloud deletion recovery
Getting out of iCloud
Disable iCloud with MDM restrictions

3. Working with Storage
Storage tools in macOS
Disk image tricks
RAID with Disk Utility reborn
Defragmenting the user space

4. Apple File System
Introduction to APFS
Convert HFS to APFS
Create an APFS disk image
Create an APFS container and volume
Running a file system check

5. New Console
The unified logging system
Reading logs and activities
Message labels and organization
Console actions
Searching through logs
Viewing connected device logs

6. New Log Command
Overview of the log command
Using predicates to search logs
Log stream levels and debug logging
Using log show
Collecting logs with log collect

7. Security
Install a self-signed certificate
Sierra's updated Gatekeeper
Troubleshooting Keychain password errors
Get an enterprise FileVault recovery key
Enterprise FileVault setup
Enterprise FileVault implementation
MDM-based FileVault 2 deployment

8. Security
Why MDM?
Why not image?
Enroll without DEP
Configure Time Machine via MDM
Configure Wi-Fi settings with profiles
VPN options available via MDM
Installing applications on Macs via MDM
Configure a macOS firewall via MDM
Configuring enterprise printing with MDM

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