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Live Video Streaming: Essential Skills

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you will learn in this course

1. What Is Webcasting and How Does it Work?
Defining the concept and the variable levels of complexity
Webcasts, webinars and video conference calls: What’s the difference?
The process behind live video streaming
What is encoding and why does it matter?
Speed kills: The importance of connectivity

2. Determining if Live Webcasting Is a Smart Investment
Why should I go live?
Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come
Identifying your targets and the channels
Developing the messages to drive engagement
Aligning the desired outcomes with scope, budget and ROI

3. From Consumer to Enterprise and Everything in Between
Taking the DIY, consumer path
Utilizing a hybrid of pro tools and consumer platforms
Producing a broadcast quality, enterprise-level show
Integrating presentations, live surveys, chat, closed captioning, and more
Knowing when to go DIY or bring in a pro partner

4. Lights! Camera! Connectivity!
Where video production and IT meet
Identifying viable connections
Incorporating a site survey, connectivity testing and direct IT contact
The importance of hardware whitelisting
You’re only as good as your pipeline

5. Production Equipment, Hardware, and Software Requirements
Consumer camera and sound viability
Raising production value with lighting, pro cameras, and audio
Utilizing a switcher-encoder with expanded pro capabilities
Switching via hardware or cloud platforms
Identifying the right tools and partners to deliver

6. The Webcasting Team
DIY and pro live stream roles and responsibilities
CDN back-end support levels of service
Defined roles and responsibilities + expertise = success

7. After the Show: Integrating On-Demand Content Delivery
What is on-demand and why is it important?
Consumer CDN on-demand capabilities and limitations
Subscription and enterprise on-demand capabilities
On-demand content promotion

8. Measuring Impact and Determining ROI
Defining your metrics requirements before you go live
Leveraging consumer platforms with integrated analytics
Integrating third-party tracking and analytics

Recap and conclusion

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