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Linux: Shells and Processes

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Linux Shells Overview

Shell types
Variables and shell environment
Shell tips and tricks
Shell history tricks
Configure shell history
Pattern matching with globs
Pattern matching with extended globs

2. Using the Bash Shell

Escape characters and quotes
Brace and path substitution
Command and variable substitution
Named and unnamed pipes
File redirects and tees

3. Linux Processes

Introduction to processes
Monitor processes using ps
Monitor processes in real time
Monitor processes graphically
Manage processes
Process priority
Manage process jobs

4. Job Scheduling

One-time jobs using at and batch
Reccuring user jobs using cron
Reccuring system jobs using cron
Limit access to AT and cron jobs

5. System Services

Introduction to system services
Get systemd service status
Manage systemd services
Make systemd services persistant


Next steps