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Linux: Package Management for CentOS

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Linux Software Overview

Linux software installation types
Download packages and install
Install from a software repository
Install from source code
Debian software package format
Red Hat software package format
Why multiple package formats?
Linux package management systems

2. Manage Packages with RPM

RPM overview
Query installed packages with RPM
RPM query formatting
Install/remove packages
Upgrade packages
Reinstall packages
Verify package attributes
Validate package integrity
Troubleshoot RPM

3. Manage Packages with Yum

Yum overview
Select package names
Get info on packages
Get info on groups
Search for packages
Install/remove packages
Install/remove package groups
Manage OS updates
Use graphical package tools

4. Yum Client Configuration

Configure Yum clients
Manage repositories
Troubleshoot Yum


Next steps