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Linux: Firewalls and SELinux

Video Introducing this tutorial


Welcome to firewalls and SELinux

1. Firewall Basics on Linux

Iptables and Firewalld
Installing Firewalld
Installing the Firewalld GUI controls
Installing GUI controls with no GUI
Understand Firewalld zones
Understand Firewalld services
Zones explored

2. Configuring Firewalld for Local Protection

Firewall-cmd configuration preparation
Allowing the Apache web server
Allowing any mail server
Allowing an XMPP server
Allowing an SMB server
Allowing an NFS server
Allowing an LDAP server
Allowing a PostgreSQL server
Allowing FTP and SFTP servers
VM Port Forwarding
ShieldsUP! panic mode

3. SELinux Fundamentals

Installing SELinux utils
Discretionary vs. mandatory access
Understanding contexts
Installing SELinux man pages
Understanding Booleans

4. Working with SELinux

Enabling SELinux and modes
Graphical management tools
Changing context labels
Changing ports on services
Copying files
Moving files

5. SELinux Troubleshooting

Running sepolicy
Finding SELinux logs
Making domains permissive
Disabling and reenabling SELinux


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