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LinkedIn for Veterans

Video Introducing this tutorial


Introducing May Chow

1. Optimizing Your Profile

Get attention with a good photo, URL, and headline
Write a compelling summary
Add your work experience
Add skills and endorsements to your profile
Education, Honors, Awards, and other features

2. Grow Your Network

Connecting with other LinkedIn members
How and why to join groups

3. Find a Job on LinkedIn

Find open job opportunities
Use Linked Learning to build skills
Get free LinkedIn premium subscription
LinkedIn mobile apps


Wrap up

Bonus Interview

Why did you create this course?
What is your military experience?
How did you make the transition from military to professional life?
What advice and tips would you give to transitioning service members?
What's the value of a LinkedIn profile?
How should veterans approach networking?
How critical are mentors to transitioning veterans?
How do I reach out to someone for mentoring opportunities?
What's the current employment situation for veterans?
Can you give us an example of another successful transition?
How do we inspire veterans?
I already had my dream job