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Lightroom: Presets

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Develop Presets
What is a Develop preset?
Installing Develop presets made by others
Building your own Develop presets
Applying Develop presets to your photos
Layering multiple Develop presets on a photo
Updating Develop presets
Organizing your Develop presets
Choosing where to store your Develop presets
Sharing Develop presets
Develop preset creative examples
Develop preset production examples
Working with local adjustment presets
Applying a local adjustment preset with multiple tools
Finding additional Develop presets

2. Import Presets
Making copyright and contact metadata presets
Making file-naming presets
Building import presets
Applying import presets to your photos

3. Export Presets
Creating text watermarks
Saving graphic watermark presets
Making export presets