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Lightroom for Faces

Editing headshots and portraits in Lightroom
Exercise files

1. Lightroom Optimal Settings and Tips for Speed
Preferences: Performance
Catalog settings
History states

2. Tools Overview
Spot Removal tool
Adjustment Brush
Other tools and keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier

3. Blemishes
Spot Removal tool to remove blemishes
Change reference area
Spot healing: Remove custom opacity

4. Local Adjustment Brush Overview
What it does
Resetting the tool

5. Saving Custom Local Adjustment Brushes
Five time rule
Create and save a local adjustment brush
Modify and update a local adjustment brush
Decrease the overall effect of a local adjustment brush
Local adjustment brush recap

6. Eyes Reloaded
Global overall brush
Fixing under eyes
Adding lashes and brows
Fixing eye whites
Iris brushes

7. Skin
Smooth skin
Add back skin texture

8. Dodge and Burn
What are dodge and burn?
Dodge to reduce distracting elements
Burn to reduce distracting elements

9. Mouth and Teeth
Whiten teeth
Add lip color

10. Syncing Adjustments across Multiple Images
Sync multiple adjustments across images

Thank you and free brushes