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lynda Lightroom Classic Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Organize, edit, and share your photos
Using the exercise files
Which Lightroom should you use?

1. Understanding the Lightroom Classic Catalog:
What is a catalog?
How to create a catalog for this course

2. Getting Photos Into Lightroom Classic:
Tips for organizing your photos
Import photos from your computer
Create copyright metadata preset
Apply copyright and keywords during import
About image previews
Import with drag and drop
Import photos from a memory card

3. Exploring the Lightroom Classic Workspace:
Lightroom Classic workspace tour
Exploring the Library module
Viewing photos
Viewing photo information
Comparing photos

4. Review, Keyword, and Rate Images:
Keywording photos
People view face recognition
Review and rate images

5. Get Organized:
Group photos into stacks
Regular collection
Smart Collection
Collection set
Find photos with filter bar

6. Develop Module and Basic Photo Editing:
Tour of the Develop module
Customize the Develop module
Choosing a profile
The Basic panel
Fine-tune the black point and white point
The Effects panel
Crop tool

7. Develop Module and Advanced Photo Editing:
The Tone Curve panel
The HSL/Color panel
Split toning
The Detail panel
The Lens Corrections panel
The Transform panel
Spot Removal tool
Selective editing tools
Working with virtual copies
Creating black and whites
Batch edit multiple images

8. Getting Photos Out of Lightroom:
Create a watermark
Exporting edited photos
Lightroom and Photoshop
Edit in Photoshop from a layered Photoshop file

9. Connecting Classic to Lightroom (Cloud):
Understanding the Lightroom ecosystem
Sync a Lightroom Classic catalog with Lightroom
Sync a Lightroom Classic collection with the Lightroom cloud
Create a public link to share online
Managing photos synced from Lightroom mobile

10. Troubleshooting:
How to find missing photos
Lost photos, collections, or edits

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